's remarks as "a great statement ... concerning Defun●ding (not!) our great Police," adding that "this Radical ●Left agenda is not going to happen." The Democrats in the●ir proposed reform bill didn't embrace the idea of entire●ly defunding police departments either. Instead, it will ●provide grants to community organizations, encouraging th●em to build partnerships that improve accountability. How●ever, not only is the Democrat-proposed legislation expec●ted tj


o undergo extensive scrutiny by Republicans on Capit●ol Hill - who offered their own blueprint for reform in a● 10-section draft bill that included police reporting, ac●countability, training and relations -- it's also possibl●e to be pushed back by the White House, which has indicat●ed that stripping police officers of their immunity is a ●non-starter. Asked whether Trump would support the police● reform proposals rolled out by the Democrats, White Hous●e Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said at a ny

ews briefin●g Monday that the president was "talking through a numb3